Welcome and Thank You for Being Here

I’m Tom, your coach and healthy living mentor. 


I wasn’t always this healthy. 


In my younger years, I was a very passional athlete who overtrained my body, faced multiple injuries and was always in discomfort. 


My body was tight, I was suffering from insomnia and I couldn’t see any of it. 


I was taught, as a man, to ignore the pain, because without it there could be no gain. And I embodied that principle. 


At that time, I wasn’t in touch with my emotions, and as a result I found myself dealing with aggression and impatience. 


I was constantly attracting friends and lovers who weren't in alignment with me.


I was extremely competitive and suffering from a negative outlook on life in general and specific situations.


Ultimately, I was disconnected from myself and others.


I was working in a career I didn’t enjoy, I didn’t have any solid relationships in my life, and my health wasn’t ideal - my body always felt tense. 


It wasn’t a epic catalyst that woke me from that dream, it was the simplicity of finding myself in silence - finally and for the first time in my conscious memory. 


In that glimpse of silence I knew that there had to be more for us, more for me. That’s when I fully realized my true potential and purpose. 

Almost immediately I began practicing yoga, and working with professions for fascial and energy healing. 


Physically, the tension and pain began to release from my body.


Mentally, I was able to open myself to other perspectives and gain clarity in different aspects of my life. I was awakened to the realization that healing was the only way for me to reach my goals and fulfil my potential.


Emotionally, I was able to connect deeper with my empath abilities and learned how to guard myself from taking on the emotions of others. Because of this, I was able to connect deeper within and also with others.

Almost immediately, I started attracting people that served their highest good, and began building healthy boundaries in my life. Those not in alignment began to fall off. 


As a result of my healing thus far, I sleep better, have more confidence and I practice self-love.


I understand and appreciate accountability and I am able and willing to take responsibility for where and who I am.


And I am hopeful for the future, because I understand my role as it’s co-creator.

Throughout my healing journey, I also faced many challenges. 


I faced the fear of leaving the comfort of routine, to embark into the unknown.  I faced the fear of seeing emotional trauma and a poor mindset within me, so that I could address and heal them. 


It was challenging for me to admit to where I was overly identifying and to let go of people and things - suppressed emotions and perspectives, alongside relationships that didn’t serve my highest self. 


Furthermore, I was changing and the people around me didn’t always understand why or how. As a result, I endured criticism and judgment from those closest to me.


Regardless of what I faced, though, I had faith that I could reach the end of the rainbow, and I did. 


Now, I wanna help you do the same. 

My mission is to facilitate the healing and alignment of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, so that people may discover their true self and nature.

Are you willing to heal, no matter the struggles that emerge from the process? Are you ready for a more joyful and fulfilled life, and to embody love, happiness and positivity? Do you want to contribute to the collective shift towards a higher frequency and more harmonious state of being? 

If you said yes, to any of the questions above, then you're exactly where you need to be.


Healing is an impersonal journey. When you heal yourself, you heal those around you and collectively we heal the earth.


My purpose is to support you in stepping into your role as co-creator on earth. Helping you reach your full potential Through joy, free from suffering and limitations.

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The assessment is 1.5 hours long, and involves reviewing your medical and emotional history and some light physical actions.


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