With The Right Tools, You Will Heal Yourself


Emotional Release and Physical Pain Relief

Fascial stretch therapy is a table based assisted form of stretching. It helps you release the trauma that’s imbedded in your fascia and open up the joint capsules of your body. In this way it helps you release the aches and pains from your physical body. 

Fascia is connective tissue that is all over the body. It’s all around muscles, bones and joint capsules.


Fascial stretch therapy is ideal for anyone suffering from high levels of stress and chronic pain. It will support anyone with physical and recurring injuries, generally caused by emotional traumas and blockages that are stored in the fascia system of the body.


Emotional Clearing 

The body stores emotional trauma or suppressed emotions in different parts of the body - including muscles, bones, fascia and organs. If these emotions are not cleared, they may manifest into physical illness and disease. 


Emotional Massage is ideal for anyone suffering from mental and emotional trauma that manifests as chronic pain, physical tightness and postural imbalances.

I work with essential oils and with my hands to slowly and intentionally scan your physical body for emotional blockages, releasing dense energies from your body by manually releasing them from your fascia and meridian lines. 

Hatha Yoga is ideal for anyone who wants to gain vitality and strength while getting their energy flowing freely in the body. 


Hatha Yoga involves slow movements through various healing postures that allow the energy to flow freely through the body.


Restorative Yoga is ideal for anyone with a chronic injury and pain. 


Restorative Yoga is assisted stretching with pillows, cushion and blankets, and involves holding simple positions for longer periods of time. 


I work with you to select the right practice and guide you through the movements involved in either. I assist by moving your body into alignment with the postures and ensuring that you’re practicing in the most beneficial way. 


Hatha for Vitality & Restorative for Chronic Pain


Not sure which service suits your needs? 

Work with them all in this unique and one of kind program, designed to support your specific health goals. 


Cardiovascular Training for Optimal Physical Health

Personal training is all about learning how to move well. As humans, we are designed and meant to move our bodies without pain and discomfort. Pain is a sign that something is imbalanced and out of alignment.


Through resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, you will learn how to move your body, gain strength and build endurance. 


Personal Training is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their posture and gait through therapeutic corrective exercises that teach them how to move well.


Emotional Healing & Mental Clarity

Meditation is ideal for anyone who wants to reduce anxiety, stress and tension, sleep better, gain more clarity of mind, exercise greater concentration, and so much more. 


Meditation involves relaxing the mind and body by giving it a break from over-activity - thinking, not being in the moment, being in the past or future, over-analyzing, and so much more etc. 


I offer one-on-one guided mediations and breathing exercises to help you relax your mind and body. I use voice and sometimes sound to bring you into a relaxing states so that you can disconnect with the external and connect with your higher self, beyond the scope of the ego.


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